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Rochford Engineering can produce bent wire and steel strip components, wire formed shapes, wirework, and wire fabrications and complex assemblies.
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We offer MIG, TIG, spot welding, and brazing capabilities for small batch requirements through to production quantities in mild steel and stainless steel.
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Our Hurco CNC TM6i lathe has a 12 station tool turret with a generous turning diameter and turning length and is aimed at the small to medium batch size market.
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We offer Presswork, Thread Rolling & Screw Cutting, Nylon Powder Coating and Drilling as well as Chamfering & Grooving, Wire Cut Lengths, and Tapping.
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With a range of presses from 5 tonne for 75 tonne capability, we can provide an extensive range of high quality presswork.
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Rochford Engineering have the ability to thread most types of material ranging from 3mm to 10mm diameter, single or double ended as required.
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Rochford Engineering specialises in Wire Forming, Welding, Fabrication, Machining, Presswork, Thread Rolling and Screw Cutting.

We are a Midlands engineering firm providing a range of quality-driven specialist services for our clients.

These include wire forming, welding, fabrication, machining, pressing, thread rolling and screw cutting. Components can be supplied in a range of finishes, including plated and powder coated.

Our metal components are used in a variety of industries including earth-moving, automotive, bicycle, glazing and leisure.

We will produce a range of products for you, from hand-made bespoke items to complex assemblies. We can help you develop one-off prototypes as well as producing long production runs of components to your design.

Our reputation for versatility, quality and reliability is backed up by a Quality Management System which fulfils the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

Architectural Metalwork

With our welding, cutting, forming and machining capabilities we are able to offer a bespoke architectural metal fabrication service. This can provide additional value to customers by limiting the need for sourcing multiple vendors for different metal fabrication projects including loose parts, structural frames for buildings, stairs, railings and gates.

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